September 14, 2017 – Thursday

One of the objectives of the HBA is to have our voice heard and heeded relating to city issued involving our industry.  The stronger our organization, the more members we represent, the greater our influence is and the more our voices count.

Member recruitment is a critical part of the package and there is hardly a better way to recruit members than to sponsor a fall golf tournament.

There will be numerous opportunities for members, our suppliers or subs to get their names out front with hole, team, refreshments or even more major sponsorships.  And since this is a membership recruiting opportunity, putting together a team of folks who are not yet (but should be) part of our organization, could be just the ticket to convince them to become HBA members.

So mark your calendars, talk up the tourney and plan to be there even if, like me, you aren’t a golfer.  I’ve attended benefit tournaments as a spectator and have had a great time just watching others in their joys and frustrations of the game!